Contract Packaging/Fulfillment Services


Yes, we do labeling.
Yes, we do product assembling.
Yes, we can act as your warehouse.
Yes, we have many other non-packaging and fulfillment services.

Name an assembly/fulfillment or distribution challenge and you can rest assured United Products has solved a similar challenge. United Products can assemble and distribute any size product or kit in any quantity. For speed and convenience, we have a nationwide network of production, warehouse and distribution facilities.

Our workers are experts at:

  • Assembly of parts and components
  • Packaging, boxing, sorting, bagging, blister packaging and shrink wrapping
  • Order fulfillment (fulfillment services)
  • Collating and sorting your marketing, sales and PR kit assembly
  • Heat, radio frequency and ultrasonic sealing

Save even more time and cost by having United Products assemble your product and drop ship for you. Our assembly department can fulfill small, specialty jobs, high-volume orders, and everything in between.

card exploeded Valley Finesse Pallet Fulfillment Department Made in USA Packing Line

United Products Corp provides fulfillment services, product assembly, and PR and sales kit assembly to customers.