Plastic Packaging for All

• Blister Packs • Fabricated and Molded Foam Packaging
• Clamshells • Plastic Trays (Vacuum formed and Thermoform)
• Display Boxes • Injection Molding
• Plastic Molding • Vinyl and Urethane Pouches and Bags


What’s your product? No matter what you sell, United Products has experience packaging it. Because we have our own in-house prototyping capabilities, United Products creates CAD scanned samples within a week.

We handle the simplest and the most complex of packaging challenges: cosmetics, computer equipment, car fresheners, toothpaste – we create plastic packaging for them all. You’ll see United Product packaging in every major U.S. retail store including Walgreens, Wal-Mart and your local grocery store.

White Diamond bag Milex Package samples Air Freshners blister with no hole
Rhinocort Royal Scrabble board Vac Form samples Victorinox



United Products Corp provides plastic packaging, injection molding, and blister packs to customers.