Five Reasons Why People Choose United Products


Hundreds of start-up, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies have commissioned United Products. Executives at those corporations nearly always choose us for one or more of these five reasons:

1. Product needs come first

At United Products, everything starts and ends with your needs. Our exclusive designs fit your precise packaging needs.

2. Quality is assured

United Product’s time-proven systems and processes ensure that your product packaging will meet consistent quality standards from the start of the production process right through to delivery.

3. Delivery happens on time

United Product is committed to meeting quick turnaround times and always delivering your finished product on time. For example, we can create an in-store display in 2-3 weeks.

4. United Products adds value, choice and cost-effectiveness

At United Products you never receive only one idea. At the initial stages of every project we deliver several options with different strengths and budget points. We also use the most cost-effective manufacturing process for both small and large runs.

5. Your package design and prototype are free

Every successful product and packaging project must begin with the right concept. By offering free designs and prototypes, United Products helps assure your manufacturing, packaging and sales success.