Package Design that Sells Products


Give United Products a rough idea, a sketch, or the product itself and we'll create the most convenient, attractive and efficient product packaging with our state-of-the-art custom design technology.

Our designs focus on your needs for presentation, durability, delivery and cost. We’ll generate samples expertly and quickly - overnight if you need them. Whether you need original graphic design, 11th-hour touch-up, negative conversion, SLA or prototyping, United Products has the resources.

Our designers know how to best unite your product's function with attention-attracting aesthetics. We use a full range of materials including paperboard, corrugated and plastic, as well as wire, metal and wood.

We do health and beauty packaging for products such as cologne packaging, cosmetic packaging, haircare packaging, perfume packaging, and skincare packaging. Most of our packing design ideas focus on environmental friendly packaging using recyclable packaging materials.

Here’s how the package design process works. Utilizing advanced CAD equipment, the United Products designer creates photographic images of your product’s container. These images show how your product will be surrounded and protected. Based on these images, our designers then create a prototype. We assemble the package, insert your product and test the packaging relentlessly in our drop-test laboratory. Only when the package meets our highest quality standards is it approved for shipping and sales.

In most cases, we try to avoid the expense of tooling, but if needed, we have our own in-house sample department to produce inexpensive molds. Fast product development and short lead time means quicker turnaround time on your orders and lower costs. And, for you, that can mean more sales and higher profit margins.

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“Go to a corrugated box company and every solution is a corrugated box. For a blister pack company, every problem can be solved only with a blister pack. We’re different. We find the best solution among all packaging options, not the best among a limited selection of options.” – Jeff Linder, Founder & CEO

United Products Corp provides package design, cosmetic packaging, and eco-friendly packaging to customers.