P.O.P. Displays That Attract Traffic


Your package is everything!


Your product’s packaging makes that all important first impression. Packaging either draws people toward your product or moves them away. Packaging from United Products delivers:

  • Image
  • Quality
  • Impact
  • Value

In our 35 years, United Product's in-house staff has designed and engineered every conceivable type of display; including store fixtures, counter and floor displays, corrugated displays, plastic displays, metal displays, wire displays, and paperboard displays. Experience, expertise and attention to detail help us guarantee displays that demand consumer attention and help drive sales.

Craftsman Kellogg tray Nivea Lip Care Rhinocort Rhinocort clear tray
Royal Silver Creek Star Wars Victorinox Finesse Display
Valley Lardley Kroger Yardley      
“Selling more products is all about packaging and presentation.”







Displays produced in a variety of materials, including:

  • corrugated
  • plastic
  • metal
  • wire
  • paperboard


United Products Corp provides floor and counter displays, corrugated displays, plastic displays, and free display designs to customers.
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